Asset Management

Let Us Do The Planning

Determining a Properties Real Value

As a firm, PCM Consulting has been performing property appraisals since its inception in 2000. The appraisal staff which now numbers four employees has a diverse background in both the construction and appraisal business. Our focus most recently has been in providing valuation appraisals for the insurance industry, where we have represented a number of the major insurers internationally and have accomplished various valuation appraisals of all types of real estate, facilities and equipment.

Reason for Appraisal?

  • To ensure that insured properties are promptly and properly valued, in order that the Insurance Company and building owner is appropriately compensated for their actual exposure.
  • To offer confidence in insured values when the insured has an agreed amount or co-insurance waiver.
  • To offer confidence when purchasing re-insurance, by aligning the correct values.

Know what your exposed property values are! We can provide a variety of real and personal property Replacement Costs, (New) and Actual Cash Value appraisal report formats for insurance purposes. Standard report set-ups range from very detailed to highly efficient walkthrough type value checks. Customized reports are available to meet specific format needs as in the case of matching a previous appraisal, meeting compatibility requirements of capital asset records or to satisfy Agreed Value Underwriting requirements.

Checks and Balances! We can also render an objective “second opinion” on in-house value reviews or previous appraisals, or provide low cost “desk appraisals”, review asset records to estimate insurable value and provide other general valuation support as required.

Know what you are paying for! We provide a variety of real and personal property claims consulting services. Having extensive experience with property appraisals, claims, construction costs and insurance policies allows us to augment your claims personnel with a unique perspective and range of skills. We offer detailed Repair and Replacement Estimates, Estimate Reviews, Negotiating Services, General Consulting Services, Project Monitoring Services and Appraisal/Reference Services.

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Lending Controls

Your Experienced Advocate on the Project

As a lender, you have specific concerns regarding the construction projects for which you are provide financing. Our lender services are broken down into three areas of focus which identify and monitor the lender’s risk at the various stages of the project.

  • Pre-Financing Project Review
  • Project Construction Oversight & Reporting
  • Project Closeout Assistance

We can provide all of these services or simply the ones which provide you with the most value in overseeing your project. Our services are primarily designed to assist lending institutions with monitoring cash outlays on a construction loan and minimizing their risks on the project. The following narrative provides a brief phase-by-phase description of the process that we follow in providing our services to a lending institution.

Pre-Financing Project Review

We prefer to be involved prior to the loan closing. There are a number of issues PCM Consulting can assist a lender with on a project that can dramatically affect the success or failure of the project.

During the pre-financing project review, we look at all the plans and specifications for level of completeness, we review the contracts on the project to ensure that the appropriate performance controls are in-place, and we look at the project budget and schedule to ensure it is reasonable to the scope of the project intended. We investigate the permit and approval situation to ensure there is compliance. We investigate the licensing, experience and reputation of the proposed contractors. In short, our due diligence efforts at this stage are used to inform the lender of the possible risks to a successful outcome so that informed decisions on the loan can be made prior to the closing.

Construction Oversight & Reporting

We visit the construction site at least once a month to monitor the work in progress. During these visits, we accomplish a building and site inspection to ensure that the quality in the field meets the intent of the design documents.

We review the work in progress to ensure that it is in compliance with the construction contract. We analyze the project schedule to ensure the critical dates will be achieved. In reviewing the monthly pay requisitions, we look for the release of lien waivers, and we review the job progress paperwork being submitted by the contractor to ensure that it is in line with the work in place. We accomplish an analysis of pending or approved change orders to identify any potential risks to the budget or schedule. Following each site inspection, we file a field report documenting our findings including digital photos illustrating conditions in the field.

aerial shot of a construction site

Project Close-Out

The close out of a construction project is typically a very stressful and intense period. Our interest in this phase is to ensure that nothing of importance is neglected in the rush to complete the work. In many cases, there is a phased completion where a portion of the project will be occupied while the balance of the work is being completed. At this temporary occupancy stage, we ask for all warranty documentation, as-built drawings, occupancy permits, commissioning reports, and punch-lists. Many of these items should be in hand or close to completion prior to the temporary occupancy. Prior to any final payments, we see that all of the final documentation has been signed off and the work in progress in the early stages of occupancy has been completed.